August Sunshine

Our weather in central Mexico is, as I’ve often noted, odd. We have hot weather in April, and hotter weather in May, then for June and July the temperature drops as the rains come. Then, in mid-August, the sunshine increases in some way so that it’s brighter and cheerier than at any other time of the year.

De techo a los cerros copy.jpg

The view from the roof at midday, looking east.

I should probably wear eye protection of some kind at this point in time, since I’m sure the UV levels are way up. But there’s something so uplifting about the brightness that I don’t want to. It tends to dissolve the day-to-day annoyances such as the increasingly erratic internet connection we’re all getting in the village this week. I even joined in a conversation with some of the ex-hippies here in a coffee house this morning, and didn’t flinch at words like “the Pleiadeans predicted….” or “the planet Nibiru is approaching.” Tepoztlan has been a hippie haven since the 1970s, and the chit-chat often involves extremely arguable topics, especially about putative earthquakes and major earth-changes.

But it ain’t gonna quake today, not in this sunshine. The rains held off last night also, and the half-Moon was clear above the village at 10.00 pm.

I know it won’t last. The rains will come back, we’ll lose electrical power at some point, and the internet will remain iffy. And my hot-water heater isn’t heating hot at all.

But it’s beautifully sunny outside now, there are more butterflies than usual around, and the dogs can’t be bothered to get excited in the heat.

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