Foal Season

September 11, 2020

Not much is happening round here. The rainy season has been lighter than other years that I remember, but we’re getting enough water for the corn and other crops. The pandemic continues, but our corner of Mexico has a relatively light caseload.

The rains this month have brought forth a new batch of foals. They’re both cute and a little comical, being slightly unsteady on their new legs and very shy of strange humans who approach them.

This little filly (above) was old enough to to have the confidence to wander a few yards on her own, away from parental protection. Others that I came across near the village today (below) were much more skittish, and stayed close to their mothers.

And the chestnut colt below took one look at me and my camera, and made a run for it, following his mother up the road. No way was he staying around for a close-up.

My concern always with the animals roaming loose here is the traffic. Local people know they need to watch out for horses and cows, but some visitors see a clear stretch of road and step on the gas. Accidents are rare, but when they happen, they’re ugly.

As always, perspectives on life and death in Mexio are different to elsewhere. That said, I wouldn’t like to confront an angry farmer who saw me knock down one of his livestock.

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